Bahamas or Bust

Our love for adventure took us to the tropical island of Nassau, Bahamas! We went here for our honeymoon in November of 2014 and we had a wonderful time! We think about jumping on the next flight and heading down there everyday! Now I know what you're probably thinking... The Bahamas? In November? YES! This is the perfect time to go! The crowds were low, the prices were cheaper, and the weather was beautiful. We stayed at the Atlantis Resort in the Coral Towers for 6 nights/7 days. It did rain the very last day we were there, but 1. Its a warm rain. We stayed in the ocean for about 30 minutes even after it started to rain! and 2. we were so tired from the fun activities we were happy to get a day to relax and order room service! The hotel not only offers wonderful activities for young and old, it had wonderful food! One of our favorite things to do was to go down the "not so lazy" lazy river.

However, by far the best thing we did was our snorkeling excursion! We absolutely LOVED the tour and our guide. It was a great half day trip to 3 different locations. The first was a reef where they filmed a scene from Fools Gold, the second the plane crash site used in Jaws 2, and the third was in the middle of the ocean for a scary (but fun) shark dive! Yes, you heard correct! A shark dive! They actually dropped a bucket of chum in the ocean, threw a rope, and told us to get in and not make sudden movements. Luckily they are Caribbean reef sharks and are not too violent. Overall, we had a wonderful trip! The island, the resort, and the people were all beautiful! Some pieces of advise: 1. Make sure you research about food and what you will be eating in advance. The food & drinks on Paradise Island are very expensive. We ate at the buffet twice a day and were plenty satisfied! ($25 per person for breakfast, $50 per person for dinner). We also ate at a BBQ restaurant and it was so good! 2. Do NOT make phone calls from the hotel phones. There are payphones located at various locations in the hotels & will save you almost $20 for just 5 minutes of talking. 3. Tips are already managed into your bills. We would always tip extra to servers who went above and beyond because as you can imagine, if everyone automatically gets a 10% tip, not many people actually work hard to earn it. So it was nice to see those servers who really cared about making a good impression. 4. Do not rent the jet skis on the beach. They are overpriced and claim they give you 30 minutes of time on them, but we only got 18 minutes total. 5. If you are wanting great island drinks, buy them from the beach. There are individuals selling them in coconuts. WAY cooler and WAY cheaper then buying them through the hotel. We hope that you enjoy yourself if you go to Paradise Island, it really is beautiful & we are already planning our trip back!



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