Fossil Creek, AZ

Fossil Creek. Where do I begin? Who knew such a lovely place existed in such a dry state! This hike was definitely the most difficult hike we have done so far. It was an 8 mile hike total. 4 miles down into the canyon and 4 miles back up. We arrived at 9am and ended up leaving around 5pm. It was a very nice day trip and I would recommend it to anyone! However, there are some key things you should know before embarking on this endeavor:

1. Make sure you are wearing GOOD shoes. I wore converse and my toes were bleeding by the time we got to the car. Good shoes are key. 2. Bring water shoes if you plan on swimming. The water is lovely, but we had no water shoes, and feeling the moss under my feet and sliding on rocks was definitely something I could have lived without. 3. Pack a lunch. You will need to eat on this trip, and its a wonderful day trip. Hike down and eat some lunch, go swimming, then hike back up. This is not a hike you want to just walk down then go right back up. 4. Make sure you are in decent physical condition. It is a hard hike. I'm not meaning to scare anyone out of going. The hike down is nice, but remember its still 4 miles. We aren't in excellent physical condition, but we'd like to think we aren't completely lazy. It took us almost 2 hours to get down to the creek. The hike up is difficult. This is 4 miles of constant incline. Before you get to leave the parking lot they have people there to warn you. It cost $4,000 for a horse to come get you out, and $40,000 for a helicopter. 5. Make sure you get there early. As we had just finished the hike and walking to our car at 4pm there were people who were just starting to head down. If you want to be out before the sun goes down, get there early. 6. Bring plenty of water & go to the bathroom before you start the hike. There is no place to go once you have started on the trail other than a nice looking bush. Overall, it was a very nice day trip to take! We had a blast! Be sure to check out our video & photos below!



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