Las Vegas!

Our most recent trip was a little weekend adventure in Las Vegas! We had so much fun & saw so many interesting things! First let me start off by saying the Las Vegas sign, is a must have picture! We got there around 12:00pm and waited in line for about twenty minutes! Luckily in February there is still a nice breeze even though the weather feels warm. We were hesitant on taking a photo by it because the line looked so long, but we are so happy that we did! There is a gentleman who stands there and offers to take your photo. You don't have to pay him, but we gave him a little tip for taking it! Afterwards we parked at the Luxor hotel to pick up our titanic and David Copperfield tickets for the next day! From here we took the train to Excalibur and walked down to Caesar's palace for some Serendipity! This is totally a must in Vegas, we get it every time we come! I think I underestimated exactly how far that walk was! I had blisters on my feet the next day! But it was so worth it because we got the chocolate cake sundae!

After doing some window shopping in Caesars palace we decided to start heading back to our car. We stopped to watch the amazing fountain at the Bellagio on our way back!

The next day we started off with our Titanic exhibition tickets! Although you can't take photos inside the exhibit I will totally vouch for spending your money on it! Matt and I both had an incredible time! From the amazing recovered items and the replication of the rooms, to the giant piece of the ship they brought in, we loved every part!