Adopting our son

At the beginning of July of 2016, I looked at Matt and said, "I know we have talked about adopting a baby before someday in the future, but I haven't been able to get the idea out of my head the last week, so I wanted to ask what you thought about starting the process now." He sat there silently for about 10 minutes, then he said "okay, let's do it." We started our adoption process on July 24th 2016. I researched & called multiple agencies, even out of state agencies, trying to find someone who would work with us. We were told either two things; we had to be 25 (Even though the age to adopt in Arizona is 18), or that we had to be married at least two years, which we weren't far from, but all of the agencies that told us that, we didn't like for one reason or another. I finally found an agency that seemed to be perfect, and located in Phoenix! I called and they said that they usually only take families over 25, but they decided on a case by case basis. The lady at the desk told me I could write a letter to the director if I like, so I sat there with an empty word document, trying to figure out what the right words were to show this lady that we were 100% in, and serious about adopting.

After what felt like forever (less then 24 hours), we got an email back. It read, "We will do a study but we are still concerned about how much you do or don't know about adopting." That was enough for me, we were getting a home study! The first step towards bringing a baby home! We were so nervous. Nervous the social worker would be mean and wouldn't like us, nervous it would take forever, nervous we wouldn't be able to come up with the money we would need. What happens if they call us with a baby but we don't have the money? How do I turn down a baby? Either way, Our home study was scheduled for 11 days later & we started getting the house as ready as possible!

We were so excited and the visit went better then we could have ever imagined! We loved our social worker, she seemed to like us, and our conversation went perfect! She had told us if we are really lucky, the director would approve our home study in under a month, and the court approval doesn't take a long time, we might be a waiting family by the end of October. Which would mean after that it was just waiting for a birth-mom to pick us & have the baby! She said their average waiting time was up to 1 year. Our final home study and inspection was set for August 27th. We were busy fundraising and getting our home ready for the inspection. The night before, I received a very vague phone call from my mom asking us if our home study had to be approved by the court before we were able to bring a baby into our home. I contacted an adoption attorney who informed us that we would have a certain amount of time after bringing the baby home to request guardianship and that we would definitely be able to bring a baby home before the court approved the home study! We just needed to have our final home study meeting completed before the baby was born. I called my mom back and told her to give me all of the information she possibly could and to give me the contact information of her friend of a friend who knew of a birth-mother looking to place her baby up for adoption, the due date was in 3 weeks. The next day we were doing our interview for our home study and I received a call. We had told our social worker of the exciting news and she instantly told me to call them back! This is when we found out that the baby we were *hopefully* going to adopt was going to be a baby boy, and his due date was actually only a few days away. This woman was going to get us in contact with the family so we could go schedule a time to meet the birth-mother to see if she liked us. I squealed with excitement and we continued our home study. As we were finishing up, I received another phone call! This time saying that the birth-mother would like to meet us that afternoon and that they were going to deliver the baby tomorrow so we should get a car seat on our way to the hospital! Trying to keep my cool, I said okay sounds great, see you this afternoon! As soon as that call ended I fell to the floor in tears. Matt was in tears, our social worker was in tears! This moment was so indescribable! What perfect timing that the day before this baby boy was coming into this world, we had just finished our final home study meeting! We got into the car and instantly drove to target and then to the hospital!

I was nauseous the entire drive to the hospital (and every day until he was home). We knew that we were the only family that she would be talking to, but there was still a huge level of nervousness that seemed to overcome my entire body. We prayed the entire drive, asking God to just make this as comfortable as possible. We got there and sat in the car a minute before going inside. I've never been more excited and nervous in my entire life!