Our trip to Louisiana was a quick weekend but we had such a fun time! For starters, we flew into Dallas on Spirit Airlines. We arrived in Dallas at 5am and it was a 3 hour drive from Dallas to Bossier City, Louisiana. We probably won't be flying into Dallas again unless we are really just needing a cheap flight, because it would save so much more time to fly straight to Louisiana. When we got there we went to the Boardwalk in Shreveport and had a great time!

I must say though that my favorite part was the Chocolate Crocodile. I mean look at these strawberries! They look amazing and they tasted even better.

The whole way to Louisiana, Matt would not stop raving about this Mexican place in Haughton called Pepe's! I had no idea what the big deal was until I had their food. Now, I must say I was a little skeptical when I walked in, but it is true that the hole in the wall places have the best food!

We also had a fun time riding bikes around the neighborhood! Matt had a blast showing me the two houses he lived in. All of the houses we passed by were so cute and homey! Where we live they all look the same so I was so in love with the different features in each house, I think I took a picture of every other one!

Although we don't have any pictures of it, we had a wonderful dinner with Matt's family and friends the last night we were there and it was the best! Good food, great company! We had such a fun time in Louisiana and can not wait to start planning our next trip! Be sure to check out our travel video below!



Hello and welcome! I'm Tayler- wife to my high school sweetheart, mama to three littles and angel twins. I love sharing about life within our home, motherhood, and all of the adventures we have. You can read all about us here.

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