What's in your bag?

Hey all you mommas out there! Today I am going through everything that we keep in our diaper bag at all times! It is tough being a first time mom and not knowing what you should and should not carry. It is also tough when it is your 3rd baby and you realize you left something at home that you forgot you might need! So here are all of the things that Matt & I like to have in our bag at all times! We have a diaper backpack and a regular diaper bag that I carry around in lieu of a purse. Our diaper bag is from Carters and you can find it/similar styles here:


We always have at least 6 diapers in his diaper bag, sometimes even more if we know we are going to be gone all day! This boy can sometimes go hours without needing a diaper change and other times needs one every hour! We never know how he is going to be so we always have at least 6 on hand. We haven't had to run to the store because we ran out, yet!

- Wipes

Can't change a diaper without wipes, I think most of you know this also is a necessity in a diaper bag.


Since this bag is my purse, I always make sure my wallet is in the main pocket! We also keep formula coupons in the pocket on the back of the bag.


We always have a clean bottle with us in case he gets hungry. **This is specific to each parent. Because we adopted, we have to bottle feed him formula, so we always carry a bottle.


For the reason we carry a bottle, we also carry his formula.


We have a Starbucks thermos that we always fill with warm water before going out. This way the water for his bottle stays warm and we don't ever find ourselves giving him drinking fountain water or hunting down someone to get us warm water.