Why we didn't wait to share our pregnancy

A lot of people now a days wait until they are "12 weeks" along to announce their pregnancy. This is a very controversial topic Matt & I have realized over the last few weeks. We have had numerous people shocked that we dare announce our pregnancy so early, then others who don't see a problem with it. So why on earth would we announce our pregnancy so early? Especially after we have lost babies before?

1. Statistics are crap. They really are. People who wait until the 12th week of pregnancy because your chances of loosing that baby is now at 3%. Well, we lost our babies at 28 weeks when the chances of survival for that far along are a 90-95%. So it is safe to say that we don't believe in "statistics"

2. We want to enjoy this baby for as long as we might have it. If we are only going to be pregnant for 9 weeks, then I am going to spend those 9 weeks celebrating the life that is growing inside me, and I want my family to celebrate that as well. Why would I keep such a beautiful thing secret?

3. We want to be hopeful. We can't spend this entire pregnancy walking on eggshells and waiting for something to go wrong. I want to be happy and hopeful that this time next year we will have a 16 month old and a 4 month old.

4. If we didn't tell a soul, not only would we have nobody to celebrate with us, we would have nobody to support us if something does happen. There would be nobody to ask how we are feeling nobody would know why we are all of a sudden upset all the time.

5. God is in control. This has been a hard thing to remember constantly, but its true. No matter how messy this life can get, God sees and he knows what is going to happen. I may not understand why, but we try to just trust him and take heart in knowing that he knows why. So, here we are. Trusting that no matter the outcome, God is in control.

6. We want to ask for prayers. Prayers that this bug stays safe and sound and prayers that our nerves don't control us. Prayers that when the time comes, we will be able to put up a crib before this babe is born, because that is something we are already struggling with. Prayers that God will give us insight as to which hospital is best for us to deliver at. Prayers that this babe gets to come home.

So yes, we announced we are pregnant as soon as our doctor confirmed it, because we are overjoyed that we get to grow another life. We know that God loves this baby more then we do and that this baby's life is in his hands.

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