8-12 Weeks!

February 6, 2017

The last few weeks have been incredibly difficult and there is no way I would have been able to get through them without my family & their gracious help with Carter. This morning sickness has been no joke and my husband has been the greatest human on the planet. From making dinners, to watching carter at night, to cleaning up the house, he has been so helpful and I am so grateful! This last month has gone by so slow! It seems like we should be way farther along, but we are so anxious and excited for August to come! Only 28 weeks left to go and the countdown is on.


Date: January 15th, 2017
Weeks: 9
How big is baby: pecan
Baby Bean Milestones: muscles are functioning & baby is now considered a "fetus"
Pregnancy Symptoms: nausea, vomiting, exhaustion
Cravings: strawberries, subway
Best moment this week: Carter ate rice cereal for the first time, mama almost cried.
Maternity clothes: sometimes, jeans are getting uncomfortable
Sleeping: good, really hard to fall asleep



Date: January 22nd, 2017
Weeks: 10
How big is baby: Lego man
Baby Bean Milestones: developing tiny hair & teeth buds.

Pregnancy Symptoms: nausea/vomiting
Cravings: subway
Best moment this week: Carter slept 3 nights in a row!
Maternity clothes: sometimes, my jeans are getting tighter and tighter!
Sleeping: restless, waking up often to pee


Date: January 29th, 2017
Weeks: 11
How big is baby: Poker Chip
Baby Bean Milestones: fingers & toes are losing their webbing! Baby will double in size from weeks 11-12
Pregnancy Symptoms: nausea/vomiting
Cravings: nothing
Best moment this week: We got another ultrasound and daddy heard the heartbeat for the first time!
Maternity clothes: maternity pants most of the time, still wearing all of my shirts
Sleeping: waking up a lot




Date: February 5th, 2017

Weeks: 12
How big is baby: toy soldier
Baby Bean Milestones: kidneys are functioning, neck is growing, if we poke my belly, the bean will move around (even though, still no movement felt by momma)

Pregnancy Symptoms: nausea/vomiting, tired
Cravings: nothing
Best moment this week: We expanded our car to fit our growing family

Maternity clothes: maternity pants most of the time, jeans still fit, but not comfortably. Wearing mostly maternity shirts, sometimes wear normal shirts.
Sleeping: restless, waking up often

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Hello and welcome! I'm Tayler- wife to my high school sweetheart, mama to three littles and angel twins. I love sharing about life within our home, motherhood, and all of the adventures we have. You can read all about us here.

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