Happy Valentines Day!

Happy day of love! In our house, everyday feels like valentines day, but only once a year do we celebrate just how much love we have in our home. I can't wait for future valentines days, when Matt will bring home flowers for not just me, but for our daughters & I will bring home a gift not just for Matt, but for our boys! This valentines day, we still did our tradition of heart items for dinner. Although Carter didn't care a whole lot, it just made me that much more excited to continue our traditions and watch him get more excited about it each year!

We usually start the day off with heart shaped cinnamon rolls, but I will admit.. I did not make them this year. Carter slept in until 8am and I'm still at that point in my pregnancy where mornings are not my friend. So, maybe next year we will have pictures of this, but for now, just take my word for it- They are good!

BUT, I did get around to taking a few photos of Carter before his first nap, and his face just melts my heart! We sent them to his daddy while he was at work & it completely made his day.

For dinner I decided to do a heart shaped steak, roasted potatoes, and corn (yes this is the one item that isn't heart shaped). The steak was tricky to cut, but it turned out pretty good after it was cooked! The roasted potatoes were super easy to make, the only tedious part is cutting out the heart shapes before hand.

I also set the table using doilies I bought at target. You know, that section that you see when you first walk in? The one that you tell yourself you won't look at but always do, and almost always buy something from? Yeah, that's the place I found these beauties. That is also where I found the white heart dishes. Our plates we purchased from Ikea and they are my favorite!

You can find similar doilies here

You can find similar heart dishes here

Here are the potatoes, all cut up & seasoned! I threw them into a pot for 3 minutes to get them cooked a bit, then put them in the oven at 350 & just watched them until they looked crispy enough for Matts liking.

The steaks were tricky to cut, but using a cookie cutter and a knife, I was able to make them work! Here are the pre-cooked steaks:

I have to admit, they look a little bit like hamburger patties, but they aren't I promise. Matt loves garlic salt and butter on his steaks, so that is what we used to season them with, then on the grill they went!