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I saw this post once, that encouraged bloggers everyday for 30 days to write about a certain topic. One of the days, you were supposed to publish a day in your life. Just one day; no sugar coating, no hiding, one full day in your life on your blog. I read that and instantly thought, "wow, if I did that it would be so boring." Then, I thought about all the exciting days that always get shared, but none of the day to day stuff. So, I decided to create 'a day in the life' post for two reasons.

Reason #1: My days aren't always exciting. They don't always include going to target, pool days at my parents house, traveling somewhere cool. Yes, most of the time that is what I share about, because that is what I consider 'exciting', but just the daily stuff that I am used to doing never seems to make the cut. In reality, most of my day I don't even take photos of. I want people to know that being a mom, who has a messy house, and lives a day to day life can be beautiful. You don't have to travel somewhere new every week or go out into town every day. Sure, my days might get long and by the end of the week, they might all start to look the same. But, that is when you get out and shake up the routine a bit. The day that I am going to document, is just a normal day at our house. A day that seems to repeat itself, every time I get up, because in this season, usually my days all involve the same things.

Reason #2: I want to remember this season. I know that one day, my days will be hectic. There will come a season where I have kids running all over the place, a season of learning and schooling, a dramatic season of teenage years, and many more seasons in between. I want to be able to look back on this post and recall what my days consisted of in April of 2017. Honestly, I might try to do this once or twice a year, just so I can look back on my days as a mama.


Matt usually is leaving or already gone off to work by this time, I am slowly making my way out of bed. If Carter is awake, I will go get him. If not, I will sneak in some quiet work time. Today, he woke up at 7am. He always has a 5oz bottle when he wakes up.


Time to watch some Veggie Tales! He loves laying on the couch with his blanket and watching either an hour of Veggie Tales or Moana while I work a bit.


Play time!


Time for breakfast! His all time favorite is pears, cinnamon, and oatmeal. He gobbles it down like a baby bird. Anytime Gunnar walks into the room, all of Carter's focus goes onto him. Example A:


We always read a story before nap time & then we cuddle and rock until he falls asleep. I made 4 ounces but he only drank 1 before he passed out. This is easily one of my favorite parts of the day.


Carter is down for his nap & now it's time to do some chores. First on the list is the laundry. Laundry is literally the only household chore I hate doing. Unless it's Carter's clothes because there is something less awful about hanging baby clothes then there is pairing up my husbands socks.


The laundry is done, the breakfast mess wiped down, and now it's time to work!


Carter woke up from his nap pretty crabby. We snuggled on the couch and watched half an hour of Moana.


We played with some of his toys for a little while, someone was starting to get cranky because they took a short nap this morning.


Time for lunch! He loves this little banana teething toy that my sisters got for him! I definitely think he has some teeth that are about to pop out. On the menu today; apples, bananas, & squash!


We got dressed in a cute little outfit that probably won't fit much longer so I could take some photos for Daddy. We always try to send at least one picture a day. The only way I could get him to smile today was by using a stuffed animal, but hey, we do what we gotta do.


Carter goes down for nap #2


Its time to work some more! Today involves emails & making a few hiring packets, so I moved my laptop to the couch, and turned on the latest episode of Greys Anatomy.


Someone is awake from his nap!


Playtime in his exersaucer while his ABC show is on (I just searched ABCs on youtube & the first one plays a bunch of different ABC learning songs, he loves it!)


Time to get diner ready & for Carter to eat! The special tonight is chicken & rice! He loves this spoon almost as much as the banana he was chewing on during lunch.


It is bath time and Daddy was home in time to give him his bath. Every night Matt is home in time, he always wants to give him his bath & bottle. He is always really bummed when he comes home late and Carter is already asleep. Sometimes he even says he hopes he wakes up tonight so he can see him. lol!!


It is story time before bed! We always try to read a book to Carter before his bed time. This is another one of my favorite parts of the day.


Matt will usually give Carter his bottle if he is home so I can go answer any more work emails, shower, or just have 15 minutes to myself.


After Matt has showered, we do our bible study together. We are currently doing Romans because our bible church is studying Romans and we wanted to dig a little deeper and have something to do together during the week.

And that is pretty much our day, everyday. Sometimes it has an exciting trip to target, the park or a grandparents house, but usually we stick to our routine during the week. It can get tiring, long, and the days and week sometimes seem to drag on, but its real life and its my life, and I am loving every second of this season we are in.

"The days may be long, but the years are short"

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