Birthday Freebies & Fun!

This birthday weekend has been one of the best weekends! My sweet hubby knocked it out of the park. On Saturday morning he had a project to do at my moms, so he took Carter down there at 6:30 am so that way I could "sleep in." Well, sleeping in has definitely changed since having a baby because now my internal clock is set to wake up at 7:30 every morning no matter what. I woke up thinking it was 9 am only to find out it was in fact 7:23. But, I was able to just lay in bed and be lazy and that was so great! Then, he called me saying that he was on his way home & that I needed to pack an overnight bag. I started packing and when he got home he had brought two brothers (my favorite breakfast place!)

Then he told me that we were going to stay overnight at the Pointe Hilton. I was super excited because I knew they had a fun pool and lazy river! I was so ready to spend the day relaxing by the pool! He even bought me a drink without the kicker of course, Adalynn loved it as much as I did.

Once we both started getting hungry we headed back to change & go get something to eat. I had heard of this pizza place called 'The Parlor' but we had yet to venture down to try it out. We definitely will be heading that way a lot because it was so good! We each got different pizzas, but this is the pepperoni pizza with fresh mozzarella and it was amazing! We also stopped by churn because if your only 5 miles away, you have to go.

We spent the rest of the evening window shopping and going to bed early, because once you have a kid, sleeping is almost always better then going out. The next morning we went to Starbucks, Target, and got some lunch at Abuelos before heading to go pick up Carter from my moms.