DIY Boho Dreamcatcher

I have been looking on pinterest a LOT recently, trying to figure out a cute nursery theme for our baby girl due in August. It was so easy coming up with a boy theme, but I looked for a while before finding a girl theme I loved! I love all the floral and boho nursery decor I am seeing! The floral print crib sheets, the white fluffy rugs, the dreamcatchers! I searched on etsy for dreamcatchers and the ones I found were all really expensive. They did have a few cheap ones, but those were all really small! After researching a bit I learned a few different ways to make dreamcatchers, and I thought I would share with you all how we created Adalynn's dream catcher.

You are going to need the following items: 12" embroidery hoop (or whatever size you want the dreamcatcher to be)

ribbon, lots of it! I recommend getting a bunch of different kinds

lace, also various widths and patterns


hot glue & gun


As you can see from our photo of our supplies, I had a lot of various ribbon and lace, which is exactly what I wanted. I definitely recommend going to hobby lobby to get all of your lace, yarn, and ribbon when it is 50% off. The doily was one that my great grandmother made & I love that Adalynn is going to have something of hers.

The first thing you will want to do is put the doily into the embroidery hoop. This is where it is helpful if the doily is bigger then the hoop. Make sure it is in there tight & then cut off all of the excess doily that hangs out.

Next, you will want to use ribbon, yarn, or lace to cover each side of the hoop. I glued this cute pom pom ribbon from hobby lobby on either side after I had covered the hoop in lace.