Our First Home

This was the house.

The first house we purchased. The house we moved into after we lost our twins. The house that our family helped us spend days remodeling. The house that heard a lot of broken tears and a lot more prayers. The house that we had certified in our home study. The house where we got the phone call we were adopting a baby boy. The house where we brought home that baby boy just 6 days later. This was the house that has been a sweet home to our family for the last year.

Each home we have lived in, holds a special place in my heart for different reasons. The apartment was where we called home first. The townhouse was where we found out we were pregnant, and where we came home to after losing our sons. I sometimes drive by that house and just sit across the street for a minute, and if I look at that front door long enough, I can almost see Matt helping me up the stairs after we returned from the hospital empty handed. But, this house. This was the house. The house that we cried tears of joy in. The house that we found out we were pregnant (again) in. The house that heard the cries of a newborn through many sleepless nights.

This was the house where we became parents again.

I wanted to not only share with you the walls within our home, but also create a space that I can come back and see what our first home looked like.

When we first moved into the house, the living room was all carpet, had thin baseboards, and the entire house was painted a tan color. It took us almost a week to get everything done with the gracious help of our family!

My hubby built this faux fireplace for me after I saw it on pinterest and begged him to!

We bought this couch (from american furniture) & rug (from overstock) right before Christmas & I love it so much!

Matt's cousin found this lady who was offering to make home pieces for parents who have lost children. I was excited that she was making one for us, but I figured "oh, its free, it probably won't be that great."

It is one of my favorite things in our home.

The kitchen was all tan tile when we moved in. We added shelves to the big open area and found treasures at vintage markets & antique stores

I think this was one of my favorite things about this house. Storage space! We painted them white and added knobs. I love having storage space. The apartment & townhouse definitely did not have enough of it!

We had our first home study meeting and later that week bought this rocking chair. For a while we just had a rocking chair and a dresser in the nursery. I would sit in this chair crying and praying for a baby for hours at a time. Rocking our son is one of my favorite parts of each day.

Matt built the octagon shelf for his room not too long ago. I love it so much!

Carters bathroom / guest bathroom

I painted the tan cabinets a deep blue & added knobs. We also replaced the toilet paper holder with an industrial piping one.

I loved these cute little pictures from hobby lobby!

Our laundry room! So many plans for this tiny room that we never got around to. We had the dog door installed when we moved in and it leads right to the dog run.

The hallways were also carpet when we moved in! Those hearts in the frame are wooden hearts that we had our guests' at our wedding write marriage advice on. We picked a few of our favorites and hung them up.

I bought this at junk in trunk last year. I love it! We danced to this song at our wedding. I love walking by the room and seeing it everyday.

Don't mind Gunnar cuddled up on the bed

We also painted the cabinets in this bathroom the same deep blue as the guest bath!

I love our kitchen. I finally got the white cabinets I always wanted! It took my mom and I a few days to finish painting them and add the hardware!

I couldn't get a farmhouse sink in here without replacing the cabinets & counters. Funny story, we got the keys, took the flooring out, and the next morning the kitchen area had water all over it! We had to pay that day to get the piping fixed and change the faucet.

My handy husband built this bench nook and table for our kitchen! I hated that a normal dining table and chairs stuck out farther then the wall so with the help of pinterest, I came up with this idea & he made it happen!

This is my favorite spot in the house. I love the open windows, the white sink, and the light fixture. As soon as our offer was accepted on this house, I bought this light! It took Matt 2 hours to hang it because it used to be a can light & he had to facetime his dad (an electrician) the whole time to help him. I am so thankful because it is my favorite part! I am really bummed that it won't look nearly as cute in our new house so we are leaving it here.

Our backyard was a space we had so many plans for but never got around to. But, it was the first backyard we had and Gunnar loved running around back there!

I am thankful or the memories we have made in this house, and cry when I think about all of them (pregnancy hormones are fantastic). However, I am so excited to expand our home and create memories in a new house.

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