20 Kid Friendly Summer Activities in Phoenix

Phoenix is such a fun place to live but finding fun things to do in the summer can be a challenge. Especially when the average temperature is 110! (It has actually been 120+ this summer and we have been dying) The kids are out of school, everyone is stuck inside because it is so hot, and your stuck trying to entertain everyone during the day. When you realized that you have walked around target for at least an hour everyday the last 3 days just to kill some time outside the house, it's time to find some other activities! *Although, I could walk around target looking at this face everyday!*

Below are 20 fun summer activities to do in Phoenix with kids of all ages!

1. Swimming

If you have a pool, you are incredibly lucky! Otherwise, visit your local public pool, community center, or spend the day with a friend who has one!

2. Zoo/Aquariums

Phoenix Zoo: Discounted rates if you go during June 1st-August 31st

Odysea Aquarium: This opened not too long ago and is amazing! They even have a fun shopping area to walk around afterwards!

Wildlife world zoo & aquarium: This is one of our favorites! You can feed stingrays, giraffes, visit the petting zoo, and they even have a couple rides!

Out of Africa park: This park is awesome, and they have so many different encounters that you can do!

PS. I can't get over how tiny he is here!

3. Children Museum of Phoenix

This indoor museum is fun for kids of all ages! Be sure to check out their calendar for events like cooking, crafts, and more! They even have an area designated for 3 and under kiddos and crawlers!

4. Splash Pads

There are so many great splash pads throughout the valley! They are a perfect way to stay cool, especially if your little ones can't swim yet! Be sure to invest in great water shoes, a folding chair, and lots of sunscreen!


West gate splash pad

Glendale Heroes Regional Park