Two Under Two-Surviving the First Month

Irish Twins: A pair of siblings born 12 months apart or less.

My son was born August 28, 2016 and my daughter August 17th, 2017 making them "Irish Twins." I had never heard that term used before but when I tell people how far apart they are, the majority of them use it, and at first I hated it. We had twins, we lost our twins, my kids are not twins. However, I have grown to deeply appreciate the term because to me, it's a God thing. We were so heartbroken when we lost our twins and all I wanted was to have a baby before the anniversary of their passing. Little did we know that we would have a baby and be growing a baby! We weren't able to have our twins here with us, but we have our Irish twins with us and boy do they keep us busy. So here is to officially surviving the first month with Irish twins! Because I had a repeat c-section I had a lot of help this first month, which was nice! Here are a few tips I have for surviving that first month with two! These apply to any moms with two under two also!

1. Sleep whenever you can

Obviously the person who created the term "sleep when the baby sleeps" didn't have another kid or a job. Working from home and having a one year old in addition to a newborn doesn't leave much time for naps but try to get one in any time you can. The house and chores can wait until later, rest your eyes and renew your spirit. Having two is hard and you need to allow yourself some time to rest and relax in the midst of the chaos the day brings.

2. Prioritize They're both crying at the same time, what do you do? This was my biggest fear and here is how I am handling it. Prioritizing- who has the biggest need right now? If they are both crying, I will figure out why Carter is crying. Is he hurt or just upset? If he is hurt or getting into something, I immediately tend to him. If he is just cranky and having an off moment, I will go pick up Adalynn and give her the pacifier and go tend to Carter. It is a judgement call and you will learn quickly how to handle these situations. The most important thing to remember is to breathe because it can be overwhelming when they are both screaming at the same time.

3. Wear your baby

This is honestly the best advice I could probably give you. It makes getting everything done so much easier because you don't have to worry about both of them. You know your baby is content and now you can focus on your older child and any tasks you are trying to get done.

4. Remember your oldest is still a baby

This is so important! It is so easy to automatically expect more from your oldest simply because they are no longer the "baby." But you have to remind yourself, they are still a baby. They are still going to need your help and depend on you for almost all of their basic needs.

5. When your hubby is home, assign each of you a kid It is crazy how much easier life gets on the weekends because you can each tackle a kid. When Matt and I are both home, he meets all of Carter's needs and I do the same for Adalynn. We all play and eat together, but if either of them needs something, we each handle our assigned kid.

6. Accept the help

People are going to try to help anyway they can- let them! If someone offers to bring food, let them! If someone offers to take your oldest for a day, let them! It doesn't make you any less of a great mom to accept a little help.

7. Create a diaper station

Because we live in a two story home and both of their rooms are upstairs, I had to figure out a way to change their diapers without leaving one of them unattended. I cleared out a drawer in the tv stand in the living room and filled it with wipes and both sized diapers. Now when one of them needs to be changed, I don't have to leave the other one while I go upstairs to change them.

8. Stay one step ahead

Try to keep the house as de-cluttered as possible. The less clutter you have the less you will have to pick up at the end of the day. My oldest has one basket full of toys and it takes less then 30 seconds to throw them all in there at the end of the day. Try to stay on top of laundry so that way you never have an overwhelming pile to try to complete all in one day. Before bed make sure to prep for the next day; wash the bottles, restock the diaper station, if you are going somewhere pack the diaper bag, plan out your oldest child's meals, etc...

9. Invest in a MamaRoo, swing, or bouncer

Whenever I am not holding or wearing Adalynn, she is usually sleeping or relaxing in her MamaRoo. It makes it so much easier to get things done and allows me a little bit of time to play with Carter.

10. Remember to take care of yourself

Try to shower at least every other day, change out of your pjs in the morning (even into new pjs), eat while the kids are happy and set an alarm to remind yourself if you need to. Try getting out a couple times a week to prevent going stir crazy. Taking care of yourself is the first step in successfully taking care of your kids

Having two so close in age is the best thing that I never saw coming. I was so excited in the beginning of our pregnancy, but I'm going to be completely honest, the closer we got to delivery day the more I questioned and worried. Was I really ready? How am I going to do this? Did I really want two already? I didn't want to give up all the quality time I was getting with Carter by having another one. All my doubts and fears went away the second that girl was put next to me. You can do this no matter what anyone else says. It will be hard in the beginning, but I am choosing to believe that in 4 years when they are best friends and I get to sleep at night again, it will have all been worth it. But for now, I am simply raising my coffee cup to the fact that I have survived month one with Irish twins! Only 216 more to go!

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