5 Newborn Must Have Items

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I would like to think of myself as being a minimalist when it comes to some things- specifically to baby things. I only want to buy what I know we need and what we will actually use. Nothing bugs me more then seeing something I buy just sit there because I get upset I spent money on something we obviously could have lived without. My son only has one basket of toys and all of our bedrooms have very little clutter. When we found out we were pregnant again, there wasn't a whole lot of items that I needed because we had a lot left over from our son. However, there were some things I knew that I couldn't live without and a couple new items I wanted to try out with our daughter. These are the 5 items that we purchased that I think every mom needs for a new baby!

1. Binxy Baby Hammock- This s a lifesaver when grocery shopping! I love that I can take them both to the store without asking someone to babysit or come with me. This leaves so much space for your groceries versus putting the car seat in the cart and trying to fit groceries around your baby! This hammock can hold your baby OR the entire car seat up to 50 pounds! I got so many compliments and questions about this thing while at the store! It's crazy how many moms don't know this exists! It is definitely a must have if you have a baby who can't sit in the cart yet or two young kids!

2. Mama Roo- Our son slept in this during the day and our daughter loves it too! We have a two story home so I wanted something we could keep downstairs that would keep her entertained if I needed to lay her down and a safe place for her to sleep. The Mama Roo works perfectly! You can choose a setting such as car ride, wave, or tree swing, a sound such as ocean wave or white noise, and one of five speeds! We love our Mama Roo and I wouldn't have another baby without it!

3. Swaddle Blankets- We love muslin swaddle blankets because they are so soft and lightweight! These ones are big and come in a pack of 3 for only $20! I love the larger swaddle blankets because they can be used as a nursing cover also!

4. DockATot- We love our dock a tot and you can read all about why here. It is the perfect option for parents who want to co-sleep but keep their baby safe while doing so! It is also so easy to travel with and you can set it anywhere for a safe place for your baby to sleep! You can use this code for $10 off your DockATot!

5. LILLEbaby Carrier- I love wearing our kiddos and it is a real lifesaver if you have more then one! Wearing Adalynn is the only way I can get anything done! I love LILLEbaby carriers! You can get $10 off your purchase today here!

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