5 Reasons to Wear Your Baby- ft. LILLEbaby

*Special thank you to LILLEbaby for the free product in exchange for my honest review. As always, all opinions are my own*

I am a huge advocate for baby wearing! I love wearing both of our kids and finding that perfect carrier is so important! I've tried them all- wraps, slings, and carriers! LILLEbaby has all of these options but my personal favorite is the ring sling! It can hold infants up to 35 pounds and is made out of 100% quality linen! It is so soft and so comfy! It even comes with a removable zipper pouch to store your phone, keys, and any other belongings you need to carry! The one that I have is the Silver Straw Ring Sling and this color looks amazing with anything! It is also the easiest carrier to put on! The wrap takes me a minute to get it situated and the carriers take a minute to put on. Once you set up the sling, you can just slip it over your head, put your kiddo in, and pull it tight! So simple! I am so happy Adalynn and Carter are under 35 pounds because I am not ready to give up my baby wearing yet! There are so many reasons I could give as to why you should wear your baby, but here are my top 5!

1. Hands Free

This is the top reason for a lot of moms and it is so helpful- especially for mamas with two kids! When I wear my baby I can get so much done and focus more of my energy on my son who is running around!

2. Calming the baby

When I am wearing my baby, she never cries! Not once! Now, I'm not saying babies never will cry when you wear them, because I'm sure if she was hungry enough she would cry. However, I do know that she is less likely to cry in public if I am wearing her then if she is in her car seat.

3. Bonding

Wearing your baby is the closest you can get to doing skin to skin. There is just something special about your baby being so close and being able to hear your heartbeat.

4. Safety

We live in Arizona where sex trafficking is a big problem, so knowing I have my babies on me where nobody can take them gives me a higher peace when we are out and about- especially if I am without Matt!

5. Comfortable

My back and arms hurt after holding either one of my kids for a long period of time, especially Carter. By wearing them, it relieves a lot of that strain and is so comfortable. I can carry either one of them for hours and be perfectly fine!

So if you are a baby-wearing mama or are wanting to become one, LILLEbaby has the absolute best carriers! I would be lost (and my house would be a lot messier) without my ring sling!

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