Spring Cleaning Checklist + FREE Printable

Happy March friends!

I am so excited to be leaving winter behind and start enjoying everything spring has to offer! I am going to be completely honest, I do NOT love to clean my house... I love a clean house but the process of cleaning just wipes me out! A couple times a year I do a complete deep clean in our home from top to bottom! It consists of those not so fun tasks you dread doing like cleaning the baseboards or dusting off the light fixtures.

Having a checklist really helps keep me motivated and ensure I get all of my cleaning done!

This checklist I created to keep me on task throughout the day and help my mom brain from skipping any! I go through each room and check tasks off as I clean! It is so great at the end of the day seeing all of the work that I have accomplished and knowing my house is 100% clean! (I'll admit, sometimes it takes me a couple days to get everything done!) You can save+ print out this checklist below!

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