10 Ways to Save Money Every Month!

Everyone loves saving money! I haven't met a person who wouldn't choose to save money if they had the chance! We try saving money anywhere we can so we can put more money towards experiences as a family! I love seeing our adventure fund grow simply because we choose to do these 10 things every month! Most of them are SO easy to do and you won't even realize you are saving money until you see that extra cash in your account a the end of the month! Here are our 10 favorite ways that we save money every month!

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1. Ebates

I absolutely love ebates because you get cashback for buying things you need! If I am going to be buying things from Walmart anyways, why not get some cash back? Plus I can buy my items through the comfort of my living room! Sign up here today and start earning cash back on your purchases!

2. Eat at home

This is sometimes so hard because there are some days where I really don't feel like cooking or cleaning up after. It really saves us so much money eating at home instead of going through and spending $30 on food for our family in one night. One tip I can give you is to meal plan! If we don't have a meal planned for each night it is so easy for me to order take out food!

3. Cash Envelopes

We try to use cash envelopes as much as possible! It is so easy to just swipe your credit/debit card, but when you have an envelope with a set amount of money in it for groceries, it is impossible to over spend because you will have to put something back. This method is from Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University!

I also LOVE this spend well envelope binder! It comes with multiple envelopes and you are able to write exactly what you spent on the front of each one!

4. Cut the Cable

Get rid of cable! We used to pay over $100 on cable each month and now we are saving almost $80 just by switching to hulu and netflix! Get your first 2 weeks on hulu free here!

5. Use Coupons

While I am making my grocery list, I will check and see if there are coupons for anything I need! It saves a ton! Don't be afraid to grocery store hop to find the best deals!

6. Practice No Spend Weekends

We try to practice no spend weekends a couple times a month. We go out to the park, use our aquarium passes, or play some games at home. We have a great time as a family and we didn't spend any money!

7. Clicklist

This is only available in certain areas, but we live by a Frys Food Stores and they offer clicklist. There is a $5 fee, but the amount of money you save by not adding random items to your cart makes up for it! Simply grocery shop online and pick up at the store! They even bring it out and load it into the car for you! All of the mamas with kids say amen!

8. Dave Ramey's Financial Peace University

This money makeover made such a big difference on how we approach our bills and spend our money! You can find his full course that includes videos, activity books, and online resources right here!

9. Amazon Subscription

I am obsessed with amazon subscription! The more subscription items you purchase, the bigger the discount! We order our diapers through amazon subscription and not only do I get a discount, but they come right to my door! When you click the banner below you will receive 30 days of Amazon Prime free and can schedule your first subscription!

10. Date Nights at Home

We save so much money by having date nights at home! You don't have to pay a babysitter and you don't have to spend any money! Date nights at home can be just as fun as going out and sometimes I prefer them! Check out my top 10 date ideas that you can do right at home here!

These are just 10 of my favorite money saving tricks that I do each month! We all love saving money wherever we can! What are some of your favorite money saving tricks?

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