The Ketogenic Diet + Therapeutic Ketones

If you have been following along for a while you have probably noticed that I have been doing the keto diet (on and off). The keto diet is essentially a low carb high fat diet putting your body into ketosis to burn fat instead of sugar. It is honestly the easiest "diet" I have ever done! Think bacon, cheese, avocados, and you can even have certain chocolates! Well, these last 7 days Matt and I tried something completely new! We followed the keto diet but also mixed in some therapeutic ketones. These ketones have so many health benefits in addition to putting your body into ketosis quicker. A lot of people don't even try the keto diet because it can be HARD to get into ketosis and one slip can knock your body right out of it. These Ketones are amazing and although you don't have to do the ketogenic diet to feel the benefits, you do get better and quicker results when combining the two! But, by drinking these ketones you can actually live your life and enjoy good food now and then and it won't throw you completely off track. Ya'll, these Ketones are LIFE CHANGING! Here are just a couple of the things that happened once we started drinking Ketones:

- We have lost a combined total of 14 pounds!

-My cravings decreased as the days went on!

-My appetite decreased!

-We both have SO much energy!

-I am so focused and have clarity like never before! (bye bye mom brain!)

-I sleep WAY better!

The change is so much more then physical appearance. The energy I have is indescribable but life changing! There is not one ounce of me that believes in "quick fixes" or "fad diets" and therapeutic ketones are neither of those! I have researched and researched these things and the science and testimonies behind it is solid!

I wholeheartedly stand behind everything that I share with you guys, and I am sharing this because I want you to experience this feeling! I want to help people get into this lifestyle and healthy way of living! I want you mamas to feel better! We all know sleeping in is a thing of the past. We all know mom brain is a real thing! We all know that chasing timing humans around as your job or after your job is exhausting. We all know that being intimate with your hubby shouldn't be lost because your energy is completely drained. Each day shouldn't end with complete exhaustion stealing the joy out of this messy stage of life. Motherhood is hard work and will never be easy, but these can make it easier! You can have more energy throughout the day. You can feel confident and sexy in your own skin again! You can even sleep like a rock again! Imagine waking up every morning and not having to drag yourself out of bed. Imagine it's 3pm and you don't feel exhausted and like you need another cup of coffee. Imagine getting home from work and having the energy to play with your family and be fully present. Imagine after you put your kids to bed spending time with your hubby before falling asleep.

More energy = more living!

I am beyond excited to share with you guys our results! These results are in only 7 DAYS! If you are interested in learning more about Ketones or trying out a 10 day experience, please leave a comment with your email address below or send me an email here!



Hello and welcome! I'm Tayler- wife to my high school sweetheart, mama to three littles and angel twins. I love sharing about life within our home, motherhood, and all of the adventures we have. You can read all about us here.

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