Keto on the Go! Low Carb Restaurant Guide

Matt & I are big fans of the ketogenic diet which is a low carb, high fat diet! (Give me all the eggs, cheese, avocado, steak, etc!) If you haven't seen our results following the ketogenic diet and adding in ketones you can check it out here! Adding in these ketones allow us to be a little less strict with our diet and have also helped us increase energy, fat loss, and even helped our sleep!

Eating keto is definitely a lifestyle change but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice going out to eat!

There are so many low carb options and I am sharing my top 10 favorite keto friendly places below!

1. Jimmy Johns- Who says you can't have a good sandwich on low carb? Head to Jimmy Johns and ask for your favorite sandwich "unwiched." It will come wrapped in lettuce and practically carb free!

2. In n Out- Similar to Jimmy Johns, In n Out has the "protein style" which means your favorite burger will served on lettuce instead of a bun. Make sure you skip the spread also if you are on the ketogenic diet.

3. Outback Steakhouse- Steakhouses are probably my favorite places to eat while on the Keto/ low carb diet! You can order a big ol' steak with broccoli, asparagus, salad, etc. Just make sure you avoid the bread that usually comes with Outback.

4. KFC- Grilled chicken anywhere is always an easy pick, but KFC has the best grilled chicken!

5. Chilis/ Mexican- literally you can go to any Mexican restaurant and still eat completely keto! All you have to do is order fajitas! Chicken, steak, it doesn't matter! Just make sure you skip the tortillas!

6. Texas Roadhouse- Just like Outback, the hardest part about this place is avoiding the bread! Just order yourself a big steak and get as many veggies as you can to fill up on!

7. iHop/Dennys- Any breakfast place will typically have omelettes! You can load up your omelette with your favorite veggies and cheese!

8. Red Robin- Red Robin has a great selection of burgers and sandwiches that you can get wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun! They also have the option to ditch the fries and get broccoli instead!

9. Chipotle- You can order a salad bowl or a burrito bowl with no rice! Load up on items like lettuce, cheese, meat, sour cream, and salsa!

10. Buffalo Wild Wings- You can get them naked/plain for 0 net carbs or tossed in buffalo for only 1 net carb! Wings are a great option when going to any pizza places also, just check the sauces before you order!

Eating out doesn't have to be hard or stressful! You can stick to your diet and still go out and enjoy yourself! Those are 10 of my favorite low carb options, but here are a few tips to follow anywhere you go:

-Stick to meats, cheeses, and veggies.

-Be careful of condiments. Often times they have hidden sugar.

-If you aren't sure, skip it or check online!

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