Friday Favorites: Car Organization

Happy Friday friends! I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! We are heading out of town this coming week and I am so excited to see friends and get out of this hundred degree weather! We are going on a 10 hour road trip and that had me thinking about what I always have to have in my car! For this Friday favorites I am sharing my favorite car products! These 5 things are all lifesavers and I make sure they are all in my car before going anywhere! My favorite part of these 5 products is that they can all be found for under $18!

1. Essential oil air freshener

I love having an air freshener in my car but I hate that I spend $5 on an air freshener and then it barely lasts a week. I am a big fan of essential oils and once I found this essential oil air freshener I was so excited! I keep grapefruit oil in my car (PURE from Melaleuca) and probably put a few drops in it every few days! It comes with 10 different felt pads so you can replace it and use a new essential oil whenever you want!

2. iPad holder

Our car doesn't have any entertainment system but we often are traveling or going on long road trips so this iPad holder comes in handy all the time! It is so easy to put the iPad up and take it down when we get to our destination, without having to take off the holder itself! It has made road trips a breeze!

3. Mini lint roller

We love our dog, but for some reason every time I get dressed (especially in black jeans) he turns into a cat and has to rub his body all over my legs. No matter how many times I use the lint roller in our closet, I always get into the car only to find more dog hair stragglers on my pants. Keeping a mini lint roller in the car is a lifesaver because when I get out at our destination I can get all the dog hair off my pants quick.

4. First aid kit I found this first aid kit at target and absolutely loved it! We filled ours with neosporn, band-aids, claritin, children's Tylenol, hand sanitizer, essential oils, dayquil, and advil!