Family of Four Meal Plan- under $100!

I get asked all the time how we manage to feed our family of four on just $100 a week. This week I decided to share with you what I do, where I shop, and how we feed our family for just $100 a week! (and no, we don't have spaghetti... every night!)

The first thing I do is look at the grocery sale ads. The two stores I do most of our shopping at is Frys and Sprouts. I will occasionally pop into Albertsons if they have a great sale or Winco if I need any bulk or dry foods. I write out each store and what sales they have that I might take advantage of. So this week at Frys they have the following sales that I am interested in:

Petite Sirloins- Buy 1, get 2 free

Oscar Meyer deli meat- $1.99 (fri/sat only)

Peaches/Nectarines- $0.77/lb

Mini Watermelon- $0.88

Cream Cheese- $1

Ruffles/Doritos- $1.99 each (when you buy 2)

Tortillas- coupon for $0.50 off

Sprouts is my favorite place to get produce and organic products! I always shop on Wednesdays because they double their ads! So their sales from last week and this week are both valid!

Green Grapes- $0.77/lb

Cantaloupe- $0.77

Strawberries- $2.50

Apple Juice- Buy 1, get 1 free

Corn on the cob- 8 for $1

Albertsons I usually don't go to very often, but I liked these things on their sale ad this week:

chicken breasts- $1.47/lb

Raspberries $0.97

The next thing I do is plan out our meals for the week. I do all of my meal planning using my Happy Planner. I created a weekly meal insert that I can stick inside each week. Planning your meals out in advance is the KEY to sticking to your budget and preventing that phone call to Pizza Hut.

While making your meal plan for the week, be sure to keep in mind what is on sale and what you currently have in the fridge/pantry that can be used. (Ex. since I know there is a great deal on sirloins I am going to plan a meal or two using steak and I know I didn't use all the asparagus from the other night so I am going to plan to use it this week.) Finding good recipes is hard! Matt and I lived off of chicken nuggets and hamburger helper the first year of our marriage because I never knew what to make. I started using Pinterest and now I use it all the time to find great recipes! You can follow along and see what recipes I love here!

Here is our meal plan for this week! (light blue is for the kiddos, purple is adult lunches, and black is family meals!)

There is an app called Instacart and they actually deliver your groceries to your door! (for a fee) But the cool part is they offer delivery for Sprouts, Albertsons, and Frys in our area so I can add all of my items that are on my list to my cart and see what my total will likely be. This is so helpful for me because I can adjust my list accordingly before even stepping foot into the grocery store to ensure I stay in my budget. Occasionally I will use their delivery service which is awesome, and if you use this link you will get $20 for signing up! However, most of the time I just use the app to see how much my grocery trip is going to cost. After shopping, I add up the total amounts and write them in our spending log. Here is what I bought and our totals from each store.


Vans Whole Grain Blueberry Waffles $2.99

5-So Delicious dairy free yogurts $8.95

Almond Milk $2.99

Earths best chicken nuggets $8.99

Cantaloupe $0.77

8- Corn on the cob $1

Total: $16.70


Buy 1, get 2 sirloin steak packages $29.47

Turkey Deli Meat $1.99

Cream Cheese $1

1- Ruffles, 1- Doritos $3.98

Fajita Seasoning $0.79

Bacon $2.99

Milk $1.99

Total: $42.21


3 Red Bell Peppers $2.72

2 Green Bell Peppers $1.44

2lb Strawberries $3.74

Romaine Hearts Salad $1.98

2.2lb Green Grapes $3.20

Bananas $1.20

4 Peaches $1.22

5lb Potatoes $1.48

Spaghetti Sauce $1.68

Total: $18.66


chicken breast $17.64

Raspberries $1

Total: $18.64

The items I already had in my fridge/pantry that I am going to be using this week are:


spaghetti noodles

garlic bread


shredded cheese

I know going to multiple stores can be a bit of a hassle and I usually go Saturday mornings while Matt is home to stay with the kids or just bring one kid with me. I am also lucky to have all of these stores close by. Sometimes taking the time and extra gas to go to multiple stores might not be worth the sale they are having, especially if you live farther away. For me, it works out and it is worth it. I spent $42 at Fry's and saved $65.33!

So our grand total for this weeks groceries was $96.21! This is usually my routine every week because we really try to stick to our set grocery budget! What are some ways you cut costs and stick to your grocery budget?

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