Surviving a flight with a Toddler (+ baby!)

This post contains affiliate links to products that if purchased, a very small commission goes to help our family. They are products that I truly love and fit our style.

We recently went to Hawaii, which is a 7 hour flight from Phoenix and to say I was nervous was an understatement! The last time we took any children on a plane, Carter was only 4 months old. You can read all about surviving a flight with an Infant here. Flying with a toddler and infant is all about the activities you have to keep your toddler busy! Everything else is basically a breeze except for the flight itself. So here are my tips, products, and tricks that made flying with our two little ones a little easier.

Airport Help

Backpack harness and leash

If your little one is anything like my children, they want to run everywhere and explore everything! These were a lifesaver in the airport! I didn't have to worry about one of them wandering off and we were able to put some of their snacks and toys for the plane in each of their bags.

Car Seat Strap

This also is a huge help, especially if you are flying solo or don't have very many hands to carry things. We were able to strap the car seat right to our luggage and wheel them into the airport without having to roll a suitcase, hold a child, and a car seat. Some reviews say they put their kids into the seat and wheeled them through the airport and although the strap is very durable and secure- I don't know if I would put my wiggling toddler into the seat but Adalynn did just fine!

Toys & Busy Bags

These are some of the toys we bought to surprise Carter and Adalynn with at various points during the flight. Getting exciting new toys is key. Head to your dollar store to pick up some new toys or you can see what Carter and Adalynn loved from Amazon below-

First 100 words sticker book