A Minimalist's Hospital Bag

We are officially 36 weeks which means we have less than 4 weeks before Kennedy makes her arrival! Our hospital bag is finally packed and the car seat base has been installed into the car! We are so ready to meet this baby girl whenever she is ready (or if January 29th comes first). When I was pregnant with Adalynn I shared what I was packing in our hospital bag here. This time around, there are a few things I am removing from that list and a few things I am adding to it! My approach to this delivery is less is best. There were a few things I never got to use during our hospital stay with Adalynn and Matt had to take a couple loads of things down to the car when we were discharged before we left. My goal was to fit everything into one duffle bag so we would only be leaving with one bag! My list might be a bit different then yours because when you have a c-section you have to stay in the hospital for a couple days. If you are having a vaginal birth then you might not need as many clothes or other pampering items!

Here are a few of my must have items! You can print out the full hospital bag checklist at the bottom of this page!

Dry Shampoo- You might not get a chance to shower while you are there and if you are having a c-section you won't be able to shower for a day or so. Dry Shampoo is a lifesaver for making your hair look and smell fresh instantly!

A Boppy- This nursing pillow is a life saver when it comes to feeding or holding your baby after a c-section. It makes nursing so much more comfortable to be able to rest baby right on the pillow.

A Robe- A robe is the easiest thing to wear during your hospital stay! Especially if you have a c-section, it is easy to wrap around when you have visitors and is easily removed for nursing! I am obsessed with my Pinkblush maternity/nursing robe! It is so soft and lightweight!

Fuzzy no-slip socks- Fuzzy socks are a must for overnight hospital stays! It can get so cold in the rooms and fuzzy socks always add a sense of comfort even when you are staying in the hospital!

Extra long phone charger- You never know where the closest outlet is going to be, so do yourself a favor and bring a 10ft phone charger! Don't forget to download a good book or fun game for those middle of the night nursing sessions.

Camera- This is the camera that I have and it is a perfect camera for someone starting out or looking to document special moments! This is one of the most special moments there is so don't forget your camera for those first baby snuggles.

Baby Knotted Gown- These are the greatest inventions ever. You can easily change baby without having to undo a bunch of buttons! They are also so soft!

What are some things on your hospital bag checklist?

You can print the checklist below; here

This post contains affiliate links to products that if purchased, a very small commission goes to help our family. They are products that I truly love and fit our style.

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