Recovering from a C-Section with Bellefit

I will be three weeks postpartum this week and I have been wearing my Bellefit corset since we came home from the hospital! I have seen and felt such a dramatic difference in wearing the Bellefit Corset consistently and I can't wait to see the difference over the weeks to come!

I was not financially compensated for this post however, I received a complimentary product for review. The opinions expressed are 100% my own.

What is the Bellefit Corset?

It is a medical grade abdominal compression binder that helps reduce postpartum swelling, provides abdomen and back support, and helps shape your stomach back to its pre-pregnancy size quicker! I have this one, but they have multiple options to choose from!

When you have a baby (vaginal or c-section), having a compression binder can be a game changer during your recovery. With my first two c-sections I only used the binder that was provided from the hospital. I had heard about this corset by Bellefit before but I hesitated to buy it because I figured it wasn't very different from the one they give you in the hospital. This time around I tried the Bellefit corset instead and the difference was obvious! The Bellefit corset provides so much support and has made walking around these last couple of weeks so much easier! If you have had a c-section then you know that those first few weeks when you are walking, sneezing, or coughing, your insides feel like they might just fall out. The compression that this corset provides makes everything a little bit easier because it holds everything together! I also noticed that it helped reduce the swelling I had a lot quicker this time around!

It is recommended to wear it for 12-24 hours. During my hospital stay I used the binder that was given to me by my Nurse because they were coming in to check my incision all the time, but I put it on when we were leaving the hospital and it was TIGHT. I had to lay down and have my mom help me fasten the hooks and that was on the first row of hooks! It was like that for the first day, then day 2 it was noticeably easier to fasten. Now I am 2 weeks postpartum and wearing it from when I wake up until I get ready for bed (about 12-14hours) on the tightest row of hooks.

I wish I had known about this corset during my first two c-sections, it has made this recovery so much easier! I know women who have had a vaginal birth and they love it just as much! It doesn't matter if you had a vaginal birth or a c-section, this corset helps reduce swelling, provides support, and helps strengthen your core after pregnancy! They do have a couple different girdles and corsets to choose from depending on what type of birth you had. You can see all of their products here.

It is totally worth the investment and I even have a coupon code for you! You can take $20 off of one by using code: TAYLER

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