Postpartum Necessities for the C-section Mama

It has been almost 5 months since Kennedy joined our family and I've been busy adjusting to 3 kids under 3 while surviving postpartum life. We are finally getting past the newborn stage, it is one of my favorites but it is so hard! The newborn snuggles are everything, but you are now sharing your body in an entirely different way then you have been over the last 9 months. You don't recognize yourself in the mirror. Those first few weeks your sweet baby bump has turned into a jelly postpartum belly, your boobs have become these leaking grapefruits that ache and hurt constantly, and your bleeding like you've been stabbed down there. If you've had a c-section then you are also terrified of the next cough or sneeze that sneaks up on you. You are exhausted but blissfully happy at the same time. Postpartum is a beautiful and hard season to be in but there are a few items that you need to have in order to survive those first few months!

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Bellefit Girdle- This is a lifesaver. After a c-section moving around is difficult for a few weeks and a cough, sneeze, or laugh will make you feel like your insides are falling out of your incision. This gives that extra support and helps feel like your insides are actually being held together. You can read my full review on Bellefit here, or use my coupon code, TAYLER, for $20 off your purchase!

Pads- Even though you have a c-section, you will still bleed heavily for a week or two. Make sure you steal some pads from the hospital but you will probably still need to buy some.

Postpartum Underwear- These are so much more comfy then the mesh underwear from the hospital and provide extra protection! I definitely recommend buying some sort of postpartum underwear so you don't worry about ruining any of your other underwear.

Nursing Pillow- This is perfect for snuggling your baby makes it so much easier to breastfeed, especially for c-section mamas.

Halo Bassinet- The first week or so it will be so hard to get out of your bed to go grab the baby from a crib. It is so nice to be able to reach over and grab the baby right out of the bassinet! The Halo bassinet even has one side that collapses so you can easily transfer the baby without having to lift her over the edge.