What My Kids Eat in a Week

Feeding a toddler should be considered a degree because it is so dang hard to find good meals that your kids actually eat! Adalynn will eat just about anything, but the things she doesn't like, Carter loves. And the things that Carter doesn't like, Adalynn loves. Isn't it funny how that just happens? It can be so overwhelming when trying to plan out your kids meals. There are so many choices out there and so many websites that will make you feel like you are terrible if it isn't organic and homemade. I am in no way a health expert or nutritional specialist- my kids eat waffles way more than they probably should. I am just a Mama who tries to feed her kids food that they actually eat that isn't waffles for every meal.

With that being said- this is a realistic diary of what my kids eat. It probably could be more healthy, include more veggies, etc... but in this stage of our life, this is what we are working with.


Waffle, banana, and strawberries

Eggs, toast, berries

Oatmeal & banana

Waffle & banana

Eggs, toast, & turkey bacon


Eggs, toast, & blueberries


Chicken Nuggets, grapes, cheez-its

Spinach cheese noodles, apples, & veggie straws

PB sandwich, grapes, & veggie straws

Chicken Nuggets, oranges, veggie straws

Quesadilla, berries, & veggie straws

Corn dogs, oranges, & goldfish

PB sandwich, apples, & veggie straws


Ranch cheddar chicken, asparagus, biscuit

Meatballs, noodles, salad

Italian chicken, green beans, garlic knot