Toy Organization When You Have No Playroom

When we moved into our house, one thing I had to decide was where on earth we were going to keep all of our kids toys! With no playroom or den, our only option was going to be their bedrooms and the living room. I knew I didn't want their toys scattered all over the living room all the time. I wanted something that fit our decor style but also practically stored the kids toys.

I will disclose that our kids don't have a ton of toys. I am sure we have way more than some and way less than others. We try to follow the rule that when a new toy comes in then we have to donate a toy out. There is only so much space for toys in our home. We have found that they really only play with certain toys anyways, so we would rather them have a few favorite toys over a bunch of toys that never get used. Plus- the less toys, the quicker the clean up. The majority of their toys are stored in the living room, but we do let them have a few toys in their bedroom.

In Adalynn's room she has her books, reading chair, play kitchen, and a small basket by her bed for all of her stuffed animals. This is the bow holder she has and these are the bookshelves!

Carter has his books, teepee, and his cubby. In his cubby he has dinosaurs, trains, legos, and cars. We also keep his extra sheets in one of the bins. His cactus rack is from Hobby Lobby and this is his bookshelf!