Diaper Bag Organization-3 under 3

After we had Adalynn, I shared a post about our diaper bag with 2 under 2, and now here is an updated version of what's in our bag with 3 under 3!

I don't know about you, but I am a total organization junkie. My idea of a fun time is getting new bins and organizing a room. When I had Kennedy, I had to get a bigger diaper bag because three little ones all in diapers means I have a LOT of things I have to carry around with me. There are quite a few items that I would never dare leave the house without, and lucky for me (and you!) they are all so affordable!

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The first thing I had to consider was what diaper bag was going to be able to hold all of my stuff! I used to have this bag and as much as I was obsessed with it, once I had more children then arms, I knew I needed a backpack. These are all great options for a handbag diaper bag if you aren't wanting a backpack!