House Tour- The Girls' Bedroom

Hello friends! Wow- it has taken me over a year but I am finally going to be sharing some of our home! I have been asked numerous times to do a home tour, and while this isn't going to be a video tour- I will be sharing parts of our home with you in pieces. Before I start I wanted to just put a little disclaimer in here: Our home RARELY looks this clean! So please don't for a second think that their room always looks like this. The reality is, it looks like this for maybe an hour after I clean it. It's real life, and when you have young kids and toys, it will rarely be spotless. I am going to be sharing links for as many pieces as I can! All of the links you can find at the very bottom!

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So first up is going to be- the girls' bedroom! This room has been the most fun for me, because I love filling it with all the girly things! We have the crib up and Kennedy's clothes in here, but she is still mainly sleeping in our room. I am so nervous to move her over and have them wake each other up constantly! One thing I knew I wanted was them to have matching beds! This was tricky since once was in a toddler bed, and the other a crib but I finally found some and I love them!

Above Kennedy's crib I made greenery hoops using embroidery hoops and greenery from Hobby lobby! I also made the dreamcatcher above Adalynn's bed! I shared the super simply DIY tutorial here! Another thing I did was found an old Ikea play kitchen off craigslist and gave it a new look! With a little paint, some hot glue, and backsplash wallpaper- it is good as new! I found some cute play kitchen items to put inside and the kids all love playing with it! I also have a hidden baby camera on top, for less than $30 per camera, this fancy little thing has- great quality, connects to my phone, I can look at it/talk through it wherever I am, it records any motions/noise and can be programmed to only notify you between certain hours! It is a high quality camera at a low price!