House Tour- The Girls' Bedroom

Hello friends! Wow- it has taken me over a year but I am finally going to be sharing some of our home! I have been asked numerous times to do a home tour, and while this isn't going to be a video tour- I will be sharing parts of our home with you in pieces. Before I start I wanted to just put a little disclaimer in here: Our home RARELY looks this clean! So please don't for a second think that their room always looks like this. The reality is, it looks like this for maybe an hour after I clean it. It's real life, and when you have young kids and toys, it will rarely be spotless. I am going to be sharing links for as many pieces as I can! All of the links you can find at the very bottom!

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So first up is going to be- the girls' bedroom! This room has been the most fun for me, because I love filling it with all the girly things! We have the crib up and Kennedy's clothes in here, but she is still mainly sleeping in our room. I am so nervous to move her over and have them wake each other up constantly! One thing I knew I wanted was them to have matching beds! This was tricky since once was in a toddler bed, and the other a crib but I finally found some and I love them!

Above Kennedy's crib I made greenery hoops using embroidery hoops and greenery from Hobby lobby! I also made the dreamcatcher above Adalynn's bed! I shared the super simply DIY tutorial here! Another thing I did was found an old Ikea play kitchen off craigslist and gave it a new look! With a little paint, some hot glue, and backsplash wallpaper- it is good as new! I found some cute play kitchen items to put inside and the kids all love playing with it! I also have a hidden baby camera on top, for less than $30 per camera, this fancy little thing has- great quality, connects to my phone, I can look at it/talk through it wherever I am, it records any motions/noise and can be programmed to only notify you between certain hours! It is a high quality camera at a low price!

I also knew I wanted them to have a nice little reading corner & cozy chair! I went back and forth for a long time but finally decided on this sweet boho hanging chair with some comfy pillows! Matt hung it the same way he installs air conditioning units in the attic so this bad boy can hold up to 600 pounds! I added a super simple wall bookshelf, and found the perfect display for their bow collection to add above // right next to their closet!

We obviously don't have a dresser in their room- Adalynn loooovvveeedddd to take out all the items from her dresser every day during nap time. Plus, it takes up so much space! So, we decided to sell it and just get some storage for inside their closet! They each have 2 baskets for shoes and 3 drawers for; Pjs, socks/underwear/swim, and pants/shorts!

And that is what our sweet girls' bedroom looks like! It is pretty simple, really easy to clean up at the end of the evening, and perfect for two little girls who share a bedroom! Well, who will soon share a bedroom! Below you can find links to almost everything you see in our girls' bedroom!

What space do you want to see next on our DiGiacomo Home Tour?


Toddler Bed


Toddler bedding

Unicorn Stuffed Animal

Ikea play kitchen

Elephant toy

Play food

Pots / Pan Set

Leap Frog picnic basket

Night Light Diffuser

Wyze Camera

(similar) Hanging Chair

Fuzzy Pillows

Ikea Bookcases

Bow Organizer

Wicker Closet Baskets

Closet plastic drawers

Similar embroidery greenery hoops


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