Beach Survival with Kids

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We love going to the beach! It is one of our favorite places to go spend a weekend! We recently went a few weeks ago and I am still day dreaming about it! There is something about having a full day to just unplug and hang out as a family that completely refocuses and recharges our minds! However, it is definitely a lot more challenging going with young kids! Suddenly your bag is twice the size and you've gone from relaxing on the beach to building sand castles and chasing kids around. Here are some of my tips and must have items to make a beach trip a little easier!

1. Get a good blanket! We love this Mexican Beach blanket! Sand doesn't stick to it and it is large enough to lay on!

2. Bring beach towels! These towels are big and cheap which are both great things when it comes to a beach towel!

3. It is all about the sand toys! The toys are a must have and this one from Amazon is a great bang for your buck! It even comes with a bag! Don't wait until you get there to get sand toys or you will end up spending twice as much for way less toys!

4. Bring a chair! These beach chairs are perfect and also can be worn as a backpack which is super helpful when trying to carry all your gear onto the beach in one trip!

5. Find an Umbrella! We didn't bring one, and thank goodness is was fairly overcast this last time we went! Our trip back in April was super sunny and I spent quite a bit of time wishing we had an umbrella! Mainly for the fact that I could lay the baby down in the shade! Since we didn't have one, I opted for her car seat, but an umbrella like this one would have been way better!

6. Don't forget the snacks!! I pre pack all our snacks so that way I can just pull one out when one of the kiddos gets hungry! I recommend using small containers or filling up something like this snack container and just make sure you have one for each person!

7. If you have a baby, bring a baby carrier or wrap! I am obsessed with baby wraps, but my husband loves this carrier! Whichever you have, bring it with you! It is definitely easier to chase your other little ones when you are wearing your baby!