DIY Dining Table Makeover

When I first bought this table, I bought it mainly because we had been living in our house for over a month and still needed a dining table and the price for this table was too good to pass up! When we sold our home we left the table Matt had built because it fit perfectly in that house and would have been way too small for our new dining room. I found this 7ft table on Facebook that was originally from pier one imports and the lady was selling it for $150!

We went and picked it up and I was kind of disappointed once we got it into our dining room. I was not a huge fan of the color and I couldn't sand and stain it because it wasn't real wood. I knew it was still such a good deal and I was happy that at least we finally had a dining table but every time I saw it I just wished there was some way I could make it look more my style. I finally found a blog post from Best Coast Living about how she transformed her dining room table! (This was a few weeks ago, and the DIY blog post must have been removed because the link I had isn't working anymore) But, I did a couple things differently anyways and wanted to share with you how I transformed our dark brown table into a driftwood farmhouse table! If you know me at all, you know that I always just jump right into a project without even thinking to take a before photo. So this is the best I have of the table before:

before photo- dining room table makeover

before photo2- dining room table makeover

To paint the table I used Anne Sloan chalk paint in the colors: old white, paris gray, and graphite. The first step is to paint the entire table white. I did two coats because I didn't want the dark brown showing through.

After the second coat dries, the next step is to dry brush your table with the paris gray. You basically want to get paint on the brush, then wipe all the paint off on a paper towel, then brush the table lightly. Make sure you do this in the same direction. You will sand the table down after (I used 250 grit). Make sure you sand long strokes in the direction you want the wood look to be- don't sand back and forth or it won't end up looking right.