Snow Day with Kids + Must Haves!

We recently took the kids up to the snow and they absolutely loved it! Carter had the best time sledding down the hill and Adalynn loved helping Daddy build the snowman! I was so nervous when we found out it was going to snow on our trip up North because last year was an entirely different story! They both wanted nothing to do with the snow! Carter stood there most of the time and didn't move. Adalynn was just 5 months and was upset she was in a cold climate. This year they were both rolling around having a great time!

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When I found out it was going to snow the weekend we had booked a cabin, it was a Wednesday and we were leaving the next morning! I knew that the warmer and comfier they were, the better chance they would enjoy themselves so I drove to 3 different stores looking for snow gear. None of the stores near us had snow gear in store, only online. So I headed to trusty Amazon and prayed they would have something that would fit them and offered same day delivery. I jumped for joy when I found everything I needed to keep them warm! I honestly think that it made all the difference having them in good snow gear! If you are planning a trip to visit the snow with your little ones, here are a few must have items I recommend bringing with you!


Snow Boots- I looked everywhere for cheap snow boots that would fit little feet and these were the most affordable and best rated snow boots! They worked great for both our kiddos (toddler size 5 & 6) and kept their socks perfectly dry!

Snow Gloves-I bought each of the kids a pair of these gloves and they stayed on both of their hands easily and still allowed them to grab snow and other things! These gloves are perfect for any kiddo 2-4. Adalynn is only 16 months so they were a little bit bigger on her- but we were able to tighten them around the wrist so they don't fall off!

Winter Socks- These soft wool socks were perfect at keeping their feet warm and cozy inside their boots. They fit Carter (size 6) perfectly and were a little big on Adalynn (size 5) and would slide off when she wasn't wearing her shoes. I bought them for her to wear mainly with her boots so her feet stayed warm and they worked perfectly for that! We got the deer design and sized 1-3 years.

Snowbibs- I bought snow bibs for Adalynn because I knew she had her flannel jumpsuit and wouldn't be rolling around in the snow too much. She also hates being very constricted so I didn't want to buy her a super puffy jacket or snowsuit.

Snowsuit- I knew Carter was all boy and he was going to get down and roll around in the snow. I opted for a full body snowsuit with a hood for him, it was definitely a great purchase! It was so easy to zip it on and off throughout the day and kept his clothes underneath dry!

Sled- You can't go to the snow without bringing a sled! This one is awesome because it has handles and a pull rope!

While you are busy getting your kids warm clothes, don't forget to get yourself and hubby a jacket too! I'm always wearing this winter wool jacket and Matt loves this Columbia jacket! The kids had such a fun time in the snow and we are already looking forward to taking them again! I hope you have the best time in the snow and stay warm!

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