Two Under Two- 5 Must Have Items

Everyone knows I was so nervous when we found out we were going to have babies less then 12 months apart! If I'm being honest it has been so rewarding and seeing their bond grow each day is a love that I can't even put into words! I would do this age gap all over again in a heartbeat. With that being said, it is SO challenging at times. From going out alone, to crying tantrums, to meal times, it is hard! Looking back I realize that I was crazy when I thought having just one baby was hard! Now when one of them is gone, it seems like I'm on a mini vacation! It is hard work but there are a few things that you can have that definitely help make having two under two much easier!

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1. Binxy Baby

THIS is a life saver when going out on your own with two under two! It is a shopping cart hammock that holds your little one (or their car seat). It leaves so much space for your groceries versus putting the car seat in the cart and trying to fit groceries around your baby! You can use this link to get a 10% off coupon!

2. Double stroller

This one might sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many moms think they don't need one! It makes all the difference when going out alone with both kids. I love our Contours Elite Double Stroller. You can face the kids so many different directions, it is lightweight, and so easy to open and close! We tested out quite a few double strollers at the store and this one exceeded all of my expectations!

3. Baby wrap/sling

I am such a big advocate for baby wearing! We have a regular carrier, a ring sling, and a moby wrap and I don't think I could pick my favorite! It totally would depend on the situation. For walking around I love the ring sling, but for longer baby wearing I love the carrier, and the moby wrap is perfect for those baby snuggles and breastfeeding! You can see the 6 position carrier here, the ring sling here, and the moby wrap here! You can read all about why I love baby wearing here! One of which is it makes it SO much easier when handling two young kids because you don't have to worry as much about the baby.

4. A GREAT diaper bag!

Having a good diaper bag is SO important, especially when you have twice the amount of things to carry! I searched for a long time before I found this bag and it was totally worth the wait! It has so many pockets and it is by far the cutest bag I have seen! You can find the seven piece bag here or see how we organize our diaper bag here!

5. Baby Monitor This monitor is awesome! It has a night vision mode, magnetic base so you can attach the camera anywhere with no hardware, video recording, sound/motion detection, two way audio, and it all goes right to your smartphone! The best part about Wyze monitors? You can have as many as you want connected to your phone and they are only $20 each! You can check the out for yourself here! If you are wanting a more traditional baby monitor, I highly suggest this one from babysense!

If you have two under two, what are some of your must have items?

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