Two Under Two- Road Trip Survival Guide

If you have read Surviving a road trip with an infant, you know that I was nervous we wouldn't travel much as a family of 3 and now that there are 4 of us, it seemed like it would be even harder. Although it is definitely easier to travel as a couple, taking road trips with 2 kids isn't as hard as it might sound. Our first road trip with both kids was to California and boy was it a long one! (11 hours!) Luckily, we stayed the night half way so it broke the trip up a bit! When we went on this trip Adalynn was 4 months and Carter was 15 months! They both did such a great job in the car and considering this drive was a last minute idea, it went very smoothly! It definitely makes all the difference when you are prepared and know some helpful tricks! Even when we are only driving a couple hours we usually do the same tricks and bring the same things with us to keep them both happy! We are so lucky both of our kids are pretty good travelers but if your kids aren't a huge fan of traveling hopefully these ideas will help!

1. Feed both kids 30 minutes before you leave

Feeding the kids right before you leave ensures that the trip starts off right and both of them won't be hungry for a little while. Don't over feed them otherwise you could end up with one car sick kiddo.

2. Leave close to nap time

If possible, leave as close to nap time as you can! We know that both our kids nap from approx. 11am-2pm every day. So, when going on a trip, we always try to leave around 11:30. This ensure the kids are tired and we can get a lot of our driving out of the way while they are asleep.

3. Bring snacks and drinks

Always have snacks on hand and ready. Easy snacks to bring are pretzels, goldfish, crackers; really anything that you don't have to feed them. A drink for them is also a must have in the car. We use this water bottle for Carter to ensure that it stays cold and no spills are made during our trip!

4. Plan your stops out in advance

I looked at our route and planned out stopping points every 4-5 hours, because I knew that at the 4 hour mark, Adalynn would probably be getting tired and hungry. I also didn't want to just stop at random creepy rest stops or gas stations. Each time we stopped, carter would walk around with Matt while I fed Adalynn and then we would all get back in the car. Our stops lasted anywhere from 20-30 minutes and it was so important to let Carter run around during this time because it made him not as cranky going back into his car seat. When we did put him back in his car seat we used either a snack or drink to make it more enjoyable.

5. If you are staying the night on your way, pack a hotel bag

If your road trip is long like ours and you plan on staying half way, pack a small hotel bag. Put everyone's must have items for one night into the bag. Your husband will be thanking you when he doesn't have to bring inside everybody's suitcases and bags.

6. Bring activities for the toddler

We brought our iPad so our oldest could watch his nursery rhymes or learning shows. We also bought a couple cheap dollar store toys that he hadn't seen before and anytime we could tell he was getting fussy we would open up a new toy.

Here are just a few things that really helped having on our road trip:


-Toys (we have this hanging from Adalynn's car seat)

- Mirror to keep an eye on baby

-bottles, formula dispenser, water bottles (we actually went through starbucks next to the costco to get some hot water for a bottle & we were able to get two 6oz bottles out of the tall cup of hot water)


- a change of clothes for each kid

-pacifier clip (Having the pacifier clip makes it easy to locate when baby has spit it out)


-plastic bag (for soiled clothes, or if you have to pull over in the middle of nowhere to do a quick diaper change)

Don't worry if you get into the middle of nowhere and all of a sudden you realize your baby decided to destroy his diaper. We've had this happen plenty. Just pull over, put your hazards on, and change him/her real quick. This is when the plastic bag comes in handy, otherwise we would have been riding an hour and a half to the next stop in a smelly car. Road Trips with an two under two aren't as hard as they seem. Remember that they will probably cry at some point and that's okay! Just do your best. Leave a little early, take your time, and stop when you are all getting tired. Road trips are such a fun time and can be a great bonding experience, especially as the kids get older, so enjoy every mile!

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